Good Music takes Practice, 

Great Music takes Surrender   

RADHIKA IYER is a California based author, songwriter, violinist and record producer. She writes and produces music released as solo productions under her own name.

With an established Indian classical music background, her solo productions exude an extraordinary reification of new aesthetic standards. Radhika is a proponent of both Western Classical and Contemporary styles. Elegantly combining eclectic Indian scales and exemplary articulations in her compositions, her music embodies a continuous move between explicit and implicit references to world genres like Western Classical, Jazz, Progressive Rock, Folk metal, Afro-cuban, Latin, Funk and more.

Her compositions are novel and progressive; yet, the subtlety with which she handles the progressive elements make her music technically and emotionally accessible to both musicians and music lovers.



(1) SOLO ALBUM – The VOYAGEA Contemporary Multi-genre album   (released on June 01, 2017) 

In her debut solo album ‘The Voyage‘, Radhika reintroduces herself as a modern string player on her fretted 7-string electric violin designed by Emmy winning composer Mark Wood creating a new sonic-scape with her revolutionary musical concepts.

(2) ELEMENTS OF INDIAN MUSIC – A book collaboration with  Mel Bay (USA), a publisher best known for their series of music education books.

The book series titled ‘Elements of Indian Music’ will provide a modus operandi about Indian musical concepts  via a structured system of record in standard music notation for composers of all music genres. The first volume will provide deep insight into fundamentals of Indian Music Theory and focus on developing a new archetype in  Western classical composition.

(3) BENDING THE HORIZON – A Collaboration with Western String players on Indian scale-based Quartet-style musical works.

  • THE BEAUTY OF BIHAAG – A string quartet in Raag Bihaag