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RADHIKA IYER is a California based author, violinist, songwriter, session musician and record producer. She writes and produces music released as solo productions under her name and also records for other producers.

Radhika is a proponent of both Indian classical and Western contemporary styles. With an established Indian classical music background, her solo productions exude an extraordinary reification of new aesthetic standards.  Elegantly combining eclectic Indian scales and exemplary articulations in her compositions, her music embodies a very progressive and novel sounding musical landscape.


ELEMENTS OF INDIAN MUSIC  (Vol-1)   RELEASING  in MAY 2018    This is a book series authored by Radhika Iyer which  introduces the Melodic System of Indian Music to the West for Western musicians , composers, composition teacher, and students of ethnomusicology.   The book will be published  by Mel Bay Inc , USA , one of the top three publishers of music educational books in the USA and will be released worldwide.


THE VOYAGE (EP) – by Radhika Iyer  released in June 2017 by NARKED RECORDS . The Voyage is a truly multi genre album but one that is knit together by Radhika Iyer through her contemporized approach to infusing Indian textures into each genre with unheard of novelty.  Check out some of the quotes below !   https://narked.com/album/the-voyage/

Radhika is an awesome musician!… Great work on the album!! Love Phrygian Fire video and song!! My favorite textures. Heavy rhythm and middle eastern melodies…..and a Viper!!!  Love the band… Everyone must check this out. Outstanding!  – Mark Wood, Emmy-winning composer &  Founder of Wood Violins www.Markwoodmusic.com

Radhika Iyer is an extraordinary musician.  Her work on the electric 7-string violin is captivating and worthy of the ‘virtuoso’ designation. Her compositions draw richly from  Western and Eastern musical styles while adding her own unique contemporary touch.  Radhika’s  cd is a ground breaking and remarkable listening experience.  I recommend it highly.  – William Bay, CEO Mel Bay Inc ( Publishers) www.Melbay.com

THE VOYAGE is the debut album of California based composer and violinist, RADHIKA IYER. With a fusion of Progressive Rock and Contemporary Jazz, the music on the album introduces Radhika as a modern string player performing her music on a fretted 7-string electric violin creating new soundscapes with her revolutionary musical concepts.- Arun Shenoy (GRAMMY nominated producer, arranger and founder of Narked Records)www.Narked.com

I’m really enjoying Radhika Iyer’s take on jazz rock. Her newest single PHRYGIAN FIRE features non-typical time signatures and a hard hitting sound more in line with progressive rock rather than what you would expect from a jazz violinist. Definitely check out her new album THE VOYAGE if you are in the mood for something exciting and different.   Matthew Shell (GRAMMY.com featured producer, engineer and founder of MTS Music Productions)www.MTSmusic.net

Radhika Iyer is pure genius. “The Voyage” is an innovative creation and spectacular blend of classical Indian technique perfectly melded with the edge of western Jazz and Rock.  I loved it!- Jason Everett aka Mister E ~ World Jazz Bassist, Composer, and Producer,  www.Misteremachine.com

‘The Voyage’ is truly a musical journey. Radhika’s sense of melody and rhythm is beautifully dazzling in this album. The track ‘Durga’ is an extravaganza melding the vibe of the Dixie Dregs with Mclaughlin’s Shakti   – Trey Gunn, King Crimson www.treygunn.com

Radhika’s performance on her solo album The Voyage shows her fusion-tinged playing and compositional skills to be second to none. She plays her Viper electric violin in a variety of styles that reflect her many influences: Indian classical, Mahavishnu Orchestra-style fusion, rock/metal riffing; improvisational modern jazz, and even a hint of country. In the first tune “Reminiscentia”, you’ll hear some great, fluid playing but also structure beneath her soloing. I toured and played with Jean-Luc in the Mahavishnu Orchestra, 1974-75. There are a few moments that if you told me it was Jean-Luc Ponty, I’d have believed it.   Phil Hirschi (cellist, Mahavishnu Orchestra). https://www.facebook.com/phirschi1

The Voyage’ by Radhika Iyer is stupendously beautiful!  – Raghu Dixit (Indian singer-songwriter, producer, and film score composer and founder of RDX productions) www.raghudixit.com

The Voyage” is a step into the modern era that will leave a giant footprint for those who follow. Radhika Iyer has out done herself by composing, arranging and producing such an artistic endeavor. From the title track, a rhythmic scape, that breathes and moves cinematically, with a quasi cuban-jazz/Coltrane flavoring – To the deliberant, maniacal march of Phrygian Fire, blasting with a guitar driven aggression and pushing the boundaries of scale and mood – This will be a landmark in this young lady’s early career and a milestone to the independent music scene. So do yourself a favor and put on some headphones or crank up the stereo and bear witness to music being flexed to its maximum capacity, with thought, taste and phenomenal talent.  – Tate Phillips (Owner, Producer, Engineer- Red Radio Productions Recording Studio and Record Label) www.redradioproductions.com