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Published by Mel Bay Inc in Aug 2018

The only available book that offers Western musicians access to Indian music within the realm of Western Theory and notation.  Beautifully composed etudes for piano and classical guitar  that would remind you of Bach, but within a whole new sound spectrum of scales from the Indian Melodic System of music.

If you are an avid sheet music reader, these seemingly simple, short  2-page compositions will take your reading ability to a whole new level. If you ever hoped that the next song you learnt was not in the major or minor scales, then this book is what you need to try.

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Jack Straw Cultural Center Residency Project , Seattle, USA

Taal Maya and the Mystery Orchestra –  Live  session recordings of compositions by Jason Everett  with Jason Everett , Selva Ganesh, Trey Gunn, Anil Prasad, Phil Hirchi, Aleida Gehrels, Rachel Neswig  (Produced by : Jason Everett ) . 


THE VOYAGE (EP) – by Radhika Iyer  released in June 2017 by NARKED RECORDS . The Voyage is a truly multi genre album but one that is knit together by Radhika Iyer through her contemporized approach to infusing Indian textures into each genre with unheard of novelty.  Check out some of the quotes below !